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Certificate Retrieval System (CRS) - Carolina Scales


"Now there's a better way to store and retrieve your weighing equipment data and calibration documents."

CRS enables you to store and retrieve all of your scale calibration documents electronically by replacing the labor intensive, paper-based system widely used today. Carolina Scales, Inc. can provide you with instant access to your scale information through our web site using CRS, the unique new web-based Certificate Retrieval System.

Certificate Retrieval System (CRS) - Carolina Scales

For those companies that are ISO-Certified, CRS greatly improves conformance to ISO guidelines. Having control of your own calibration data ensures your ISO audits proceed smoothly, giving you a greater return on your ISO investment.

With CRS, you have immediate access to calibration certificates from a secure web site. This electronic data retrieval system eliminates the time and cost associated with managing a paper based system.


Contact Carolina Scales, Inc. for a demonstration or for more information about this unique service.

Carolina Scales customers with a user name & password for our CRS, please "click" on the Retriever below