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The Carolinas Are a Manufacturing Powerhouse

Manufacturers in the United States are debating whether or not their industry is going through what people are calling a renaissance. In the past several years, following the 2008 financial crisis, Americans across all fields have had worries. Now that it looks like manufacturing is making a return to North America, as a result of heightening overseas wages and other factors, manufacturers are hoping to bring production home, and the Carolinas are ahead of the curve.

North Carolina was ranked the fourth best state in the country for the manufacturing industry, reports USA Today. Production of cars, firearms, food, and other items are making their way to both states. Even though North Carolina is ranking higher than its southern counterpart, South Carolina has brought in big name brands like BMW and Boeing.

The manufacturer surge to the Carolinas is playing a big role in both states’ economies, and efforts are being made to train the next generation of Carolinian manufacturers. Francis Marion University, a local South Carolina college, recently created new degrees to train students to be that next wave of industrial engineers, according to NBC.

It’s been a bad decade for manufacturing jobs nationwide, with 2.5 million jobs lost from the field. As domestic production continues to rise, industry leaders are becoming more hopeful that production in the United States will continue to prosper over the years. With a wave of companies moving their manufacturing operations to the Carolinas, and efforts to train new workers, North and South Carolina could be the face of the U.S. manufacturing renaissance.