Custom Fit Solutions

Welcome to Carolina Scales. We have been in business since 1950, and have successfully grown from a small sales and service company to a leading supplier specializing in industrial scale equipment and related services. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with turnkey solutions that meet the requirements specific to each application — we don’t just sell you a scale, we provide you with a custom weighing solution that best meets the needs of your application and operating environment.

At Carolina Scales, we offer all types of standard scales and weighing equipment to meet the needs of the simplest to the most complex weighing applications. We specialize in custom installing the equipment, on-site at your facility, in a manner that is most beneficial to your operations. For example, we know that weighing operations revolving around trucks and other vehicles, such as railroad cars and cranes, often have unique installation requirements in terms of space allocation, access, and safety. We have many years of experience with these projects; in fact, we recently meticulously placed a cargo scale next to a building, in between two railroad tracks!

Our goal is to provide you with a user-friendly, easily maintained system that is flexible in design and easy to expand as your business expands. Our experienced team also provides calibration, certification, maintenance and repair services and is on call 24/7. We hope to see you back on these pages to learn more about who we are and to keep up with the latest advancements in the weighing industry.

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