Celebrating Veteran-Owned Manufacturing in the U.S.

American FlagAfter celebrating July 4th all weekend, we’re feeling patriotic: It could be because we’re proud to be a veteran-owned company (our owner is a former U.S. Marine) or the thought of fireworks mixed with the uptick in American-made products has us excited for the upcoming celebration.

Veteran-owned companies are becoming increasingly popular in the manufacturing sector as more Americans continue to show interest in Made in the USA products and support those who have defended our country in times of war.

Patriotism is, of course, an important part of our nation, and now that U.S.-manufactured products are rising in demand, it can only be beneficial for manufacturing companies to hire more veterans. The U.S. manufacturing industry as a whole is on an upward trajectory, and in the years ahead, it’s likely to see an increase in these numbers in terms of the job market.

From February 2010 through May 2014, the U.S. manufacturing industry has added 646,000 jobs, this according to research and analysis from the Economics & Statistics Administration. Their research also found that the average wages for manufacturing employees have gone up to their highest level since the mid-1940s.

A recent Industry Edge poll of 1,000 Americans put some interesting statistics on our radar:

  • 81 percent would buy “Made in America” products with the intent of strengthening the U.S. economy
  • 42 percent of Americans would choose to buy “Made in the USA” products because they believe the products are of higher quality
  • 38% would choose American-made products in support of showing patriotism to the USA

With all of these promising statistics, adding more veterans into the manufacturing workforce will help continue to bolster growth in U.S. manufacturing businesses. At Carolina Scales, we take pride in getting to be a part of an industry that continues to show growth in the U.S.

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