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Heading Into Rental Season for Measuring Equipment

Now that it’s finally June, we’re officially moving into rental season for a host of industrial equipment. With numerous construction and inventory related projects getting underway across the country, the need for balancing, weighing, measuring equipment is hitting its peak.

For many companies, taking an official inventory of products only occurs a few times a year, and may not warrant investment in related machinery. While it may seem prudent to buy a bench count scale, floor count/weight scale,  or a warehouse weight scale, remember that each of these pieces will require regular maintenance and calibration to ensure accuracy.

Rent Counting Scales
Counting Scales for Rent

In addition, business owners would need to provide adequate storage for all of these measurement systems, taking into account factors such as damaging moisture, temperature control, etc. In many cases, it’s much easier and more cost effective to rent counting scales and weighing equipment on an as-needed basis.

Another benefit of renting measurement equipment is that the scales are delivered pre-calibrated with a trained technician to teach end-users how best to use each piece. This saves businesses time and money since improperly trained staff may not know how to use each system otherwise, and can accidently damage products or get incorrect readings.

Carolina Scales serves a wide range of customers and industries in our rental scale division. We offer warehouse weight scales, truck scales, and more. Whether our customers are looking for a small counting scale for precision product inventory, or an ATV truck scale, we have all bases covered.

We will deliver pre-calibrated rental scales to fit your needs. And rest assured that a trained technician will be available to assist you in the setup of your weighing system.

For more information about our rental scale options, please call 1-800-277-2439 or email We look forward to helping you in all of your summer projects and inventory needs.