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Every Ounce Counts

Carolina Scales

When you need accuracy, Carolina Scales believes that “Every Ounce Counts” and we’re here for all your weighing needs. Whether your business carries you outside on the road or keeps you in a laboratory, measuring can mean the difference between the right solution and the appropriate load. Carolina Scales can offer a solution for your business no matter what the application. Our experience in the weighing industry has earned us respect from other scale companies and loyalty from our customers.

Carolina Scales offers balances, crane scales, conveyor scales, medical scales, weight indicators, wheel loaders and even truck or rail scales. In addition to providing scales for any industry. We even offer software and traceability systems in conjunction with our scales. This software can be custom built for your needs at your facility.

Using the correct weighting equipment for your industry not only streamlines your workload but offers accuracy when it counts the most. Carolina Scales can offer your industry what it needs to be a step above the competition and provide certified scales to safeguard your business against any legal for trade issues that may arise.

Inspection Service Agreements: How They Benefit Your Company

For your NIST-certified company, here are efficient services to benefit you, brought to you by our experts at Carolina Scales. We will service your scales and provide related activities according to inspection service agreements (ISAs) to help your business run smoothly and efficiently.

Scale Inspection Services

To keep your scales running at their best, we will come to your facility and service scales there on a scheduled basis, as per the ISA. How regularly you want us to come is up to you, whether it be every three months, six months or on an annual basis.

Our scale inspection service provides your company with the peace of mind of knowing your scales are safe and performing their best. Our activities give you the preventative maintenance required for well-run scales. We will check over all scale aspects with close attention to detail, which means we will catch any issues in their beginning stages. Early detection keeps any issues from becoming worse over time, saving you money in the long run.

Certificate Retrieval System

At Carolina Scales, we proudly offer an additional service that few of our competitors do. We have a Certificate Retrieval System (CRS) to give customers the opportunity to view their company’s scale certificates for any sale and trade-related audits.

This service saves you from having to create, file, store, retrieve and print calibration certificates for your company. Your company saves time and gets information quicker than ever, unlike many of our competitors. We do require you follow NAFTA standard guidelines at all times during this type of service.

We also provide calibration certificates to you from an online database. These documents contain full details of your scales, which your company may want for legal reasons, when trading for goods or related shipping activities.

Contact us today to find out how our scale-related services using ISAs will benefit your company.

Recycling Weigh-In

Recycling ScalesDid you know that in 2010, the last year with complete statistics, more than 130 million tons of refuse was recycled in the United States? This includes 74 million tons of iron and steel, 46 million tons of paper, and 654,000 tons of plastic bottles, among many other products. This recycling (as well as the recording of these statistics) could not have taken place with scales. An immense number of scales, especially floor scales, provides the bedrock of the recycling industry. For everything from scrap drop-off, to safe equipment operation, to reclaimed product shipment, scales, weighing, and measurement are necessary.

As the industry continues to grow, improve, and innovate, Carolina Scales will continue to provide this most basic need. Advances like RFID and GPS are providing greater tracking and efficiency in pickups and drop-offs, with contactless reporting leading to unparalleled time and money savings. Furthermore, although by now recycling bins on street corners have become as ubiquitous as garbage cans, the beverage industry is continuing an initiative for more public space recycling receptacles, hoping to increase the percentage of plastic bottles that are recovered. Despite a 100% increase in recycling in the US over the past decade, plastic bottles in landfills still represent a disposal problem with no easy solution other than recycling. Be sure to do your part!