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Inspection Service Agreements: How They Benefit Your Company

For your NIST-certified company, here are efficient services to benefit you, brought to you by our experts at Carolina Scales. We will service your scales and provide related activities according to inspection service agreements (ISAs) to help your business run smoothly and efficiently.

Scale Inspection Services

To keep your scales running at their best, we will come to your facility and service scales there on a scheduled basis, as per the ISA. How regularly you want us to come is up to you, whether it be every three months, six months or on an annual basis.

Our scale inspection service provides your company with the peace of mind of knowing your scales are safe and performing their best. Our activities give you the preventative maintenance required for well-run scales. We will check over all scale aspects with close attention to detail, which means we will catch any issues in their beginning stages. Early detection keeps any issues from becoming worse over time, saving you money in the long run.

Certificate Retrieval System

At Carolina Scales, we proudly offer an additional service that few of our competitors do. We have a Certificate Retrieval System (CRS) to give customers the opportunity to view their company’s scale certificates for any sale and trade-related audits.

This service saves you from having to create, file, store, retrieve and print calibration certificates for your company. Your company saves time and gets information quicker than ever, unlike many of our competitors. We do require you follow NAFTA standard guidelines at all times during this type of service.

We also provide calibration certificates to you from an online database. These documents contain full details of your scales, which your company may want for legal reasons, when trading for goods or related shipping activities.

Contact us today to find out how our scale-related services using ISAs will benefit your company.

Scale Rental for Year-End Inventory

In order to manage and secure stock levels and keep up with demand, inventory control is crucial for many companies.

Fotosearch_k0149653The end of the fiscal year is approaching fast for many of our customers. Just as a reminder, Carolina Scales has an extensive fleet of rental scales to help make your inventory needs go quickly and easily.  Carolina Scales currently has a large selection of counting and weighing scales available in various sizes and capacities at very competitive prices. Additionally, these scales are pre-calibrated and can be mailed or hand delivered to your door! Carolina Scales can also provide a trained technician from our team to instruct your employees on the proper usage of rental scales to ensure that your inventory counts are accurate.

Our rental fleet consists of scales ranging from the 27-110lb capacities all the way up to 10,000lb capacity floor scales or even 20,000lb capacity crane scales.  With such a large selection of rental scales, from weighing nuts and bolts to weighing tractor parts, we’re sure to have anything your company might need! All of these scales can be moved easily by hand or via forklift for the larger capacity scales so you can cover all the inventory no matter the size of your facility.

counting_scales_newCarolina Scales has been helping businesses throughout the southeast since 1950. While we primarily do business in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, we can ship our scales all over the U.S. Your business will be in great hands when using our certified and calibrated scales for your year-end inventory process. We look forward to assisting your company with its year-end inventory counts and we thank you for your business!

Celebrating Veteran-Owned Manufacturing in the U.S.

American FlagAfter celebrating July 4th all weekend, we’re feeling patriotic: It could be because we’re proud to be a veteran-owned company (our owner is a former U.S. Marine) or the thought of fireworks mixed with the uptick in American-made products has us excited for the upcoming celebration.

Veteran-owned companies are becoming increasingly popular in the manufacturing sector as more Americans continue to show interest in Made in the USA products and support those who have defended our country in times of war.

Patriotism is, of course, an important part of our nation, and now that U.S.-manufactured products are rising in demand, it can only be beneficial for manufacturing companies to hire more veterans. The U.S. manufacturing industry as a whole is on an upward trajectory, and in the years ahead, it’s likely to see an increase in these numbers in terms of the job market.

From February 2010 through May 2014, the U.S. manufacturing industry has added 646,000 jobs, this according to research and analysis from the Economics & Statistics Administration. Their research also found that the average wages for manufacturing employees have gone up to their highest level since the mid-1940s.

A recent Industry Edge poll of 1,000 Americans put some interesting statistics on our radar:

  • 81 percent would buy “Made in America” products with the intent of strengthening the U.S. economy
  • 42 percent of Americans would choose to buy “Made in the USA” products because they believe the products are of higher quality
  • 38% would choose American-made products in support of showing patriotism to the USA

With all of these promising statistics, adding more veterans into the manufacturing workforce will help continue to bolster growth in U.S. manufacturing businesses. At Carolina Scales, we take pride in getting to be a part of an industry that continues to show growth in the U.S.

Manufacturing in the Southern U.S. Is Getting a Boost

Fotosearch_k15225001Business is good—and we’re not the only ones noticing. Across the U.S., there’s an evident uptick in the manufacturing industry in all industries, revealing a bounce back of the ever-fluxing economy.

As this general trend continues, the skills and the infrastructure necessary for continued growth in all areas of business and manufacturing become more available, which leads to ever more relocation of manufacturing and service industries.

The southern part of the U.S. is where major automotive industry players such as the Volkswagen Group, Mercedes Benz, and Nissan are employing thousands in the design and build of the world’s most popular automobiles. Big aviation companies are also increasingly finding the south to be a suitable home for manufacturing. In addition, the aerospace giant Boeing not long ago opened a major construction facility in South Carolina.

But what’s attracting these businesses to not only the south in general—but South Carolina? Well, our state has had great success because of our aggressive and very business friendly outreach. With attractive corporate tax rates, lower worker wages and little unionization, it is obvious why South Carolina is ranked as one of the most business-friendly states in the nation.

Some notable expansions here in South Carolina are Continental Tire which just opened a new facility in Clarendon County, Kronotex a manufacturer of laminate flooring is expanding their facility in Barnwell County, Starflo is expanding their manufacturing facility of industrial valves in Clarendon County, Sandvik manufacturer of carbide inserts is expanding their facility in Oconee County and Koyo Bearings which is expanding their manufacturing facility in Orangeburg County.

These companies all know they can trust Carolina Scales for their weighing needs and the service they receive is unmatched. Congratulations to our expanding customers. We’re proud to serve you!

Why Embracing American Made Manufacturing Is Important

Our last blog discussed the booming automotive industry in North and South Carolina and how this particular piece of the U.S. economy has recovered from the recession. In thinking about this progression along with October’s Manufacturing Day and the upcoming American Made Matters Day, we’re thrilled to see U.S. manufacturing is clearly on the positive path. At Carolina Scales, we keep up with the latest manufacturing trends, and it’s exciting to see major growth in our area of business.

We do our part to support the industry. The majority of our equipment, especially the Rice Lake brand, is made in the country, and we have plenty of other offerings with the same setup. We’re not the only ones who realize the importance—companies from Wal-Mart to Apple are making the commitment to keep products made in the U.S.

Manufacturing supports an estimated 17.2 million jobs in the U.S., according to the National Association of Manufacturers, and if taken alone, U.S. manufacturing would be the 10th largest economy in the world. It’s clearly a huge sector—with the power and propensity to hire millions of Americans and build for the generation—and we believe it’s important to keep products and, most importantly, jobs made in America.

In October, the industry added almost 20,000 jobs, according to the Alliance for American Manufacturing, bringing the total gain for 2013 up to 35,000 thus far. Now is the time to embrace our country’s workforce and production to keep these upward trends moving, and we’re looking forward to helping make this a long-term trend.

Want to learn more about our products and how we support our industry? Get more information on our website.

How Exports Accelerate U.S. Manufacturing

Fotosearch_k10370701In our previous blog, we explored the booming manufacturing industry in North Carolina and South Carolina.  What we learned from that research is that the resurgence in American manufacturing isn’t limited to the Carolinas—in fact, other areas of the country are benefiting from this new industrial production revival.

Across the U.S., manufacturing has been seeing growth for months, and some experts expect elements such as factory orders and increased employment to get even better moving forward, thanks to increases in manufactured exports. The Boston Consulting Group released an article that details expectations for an additional 5 million new manufacturing jobs by 2020. This surge is based on export increases and cost decreases.

Has the U.S. become the location for lower cost manufacturing that could make these theories a reality? A few years ago, the general consensus throughout the country would have likely been “no,” but that attitude has changed with the recent trend of major companies bringing production back to the U.S. In what is being called a manufacturing renaissance by some, BCG claims that the U.S. is becoming one of the least expensive manufacturing nations in the developed world.

“Despite all the public focus on the U.S. trade deficit, little attention has been paid to the fact that the country’s exports have been growing more than seven times faster than GDP since 2005,” the report said. “As a share of the U.S. economy… exports are at their highest point in 50 years.”

By the end of the decade, these exports have the potential to rein in anywhere from $70 billion to $115 billion on an annual basis. European and Japanese companies sending work to the U.S., along with the re-shoring of production from China won’t just be bringing in money for American manufacturers—but also millions of jobs. It’s clear that exports are the most important piece of the manufacturing puzzle.