Ensuring Accuracy and Reliability During Logging Season

Traditionally, most logging activities are reserved for winter, meaning that we are currently in peak logging season. This is because throughout history, horse pulled carts were the only available method for moving heavy logs. Having a layer of snow on the ground reduced traction, making it easier to drag the heavy load. Though newer methods and equipment exist today, winter has remained a popular season for logging.

Weighing Tools and Equipment for the Logging Industry

Logging industry equipment must be robust, should be assembled from the highest quality parts, and should be able to function accurately, even in extreme conditions of cold and moisture.

Carolina Scales offers companies:

  • Crane Scales & Hanging Scales – These crane or hanging scales are ideal for taking the first weight of the felled logs (at-site) as they are handled by cranes or winches. These scales boast controlled tensioning, a convenient IR remote, properly lit displays to avoid failing vision in winter fogs and s1 bearing swivel hooks that can endure heavy duty applications. Some models like the MSI can even take note of the number of weighments and the total weight. They come with user-defined Peak Load warnings to prevent accidents and machine wear and tear.
Crane Scales and Hanging Scales
Hanging Scale for Logging
  • Truck Scales – Carolina features a large and diverse roster of manufacturers in this niche, including but not restricted to Intercomp, Rice Lake, B-Tek and UniBridge. There are multi-truck scales available, as well as retro-fitted custom pieces. From portable alternatives to scales for steel and concrete decks, there are models and variants for all heavy duty purposes. Ideally truck scales should be able to weigh all road vehicles and their loads without malfunctioning or needing frequent replacements. Carolina Scales’ recommendations are a perfect blend of durability and weight sensitivity.
Truck Scales
Truck Scales

Carolina Scales embodies reliability, top notch quality, and parts longevity. To know more about how our products support the logging industry, write to us at: info@carolinascales.com.

Improving Ease of Use with Remote Displays for Low Visibility Situations

Every ounce counts. It truly does. Weighing accuracy is undergoing drastic changes with the rising popularity of concepts like big data management and data aggregation. What was once an isolated practice of noting weights of cargo and consignments is now a connected and important activity. Thanks to sensors and intercommunication standards like Modbus, Devicenet and Ethernet companies can monitor weight measurement results from factories, ports, terminals and warehouses to have a very clear idea of how their goods are being handled and if there is any tampering with sealed packages.

Addressing Challenges in Weight Accuracy:

Weighing is generally conducted at touch points. And there might be a number of factors hindering proper measurement. One of the most widespread of these is low visibility during inclement weather or at night.

In order to combat this issue, the use of backlit remote displays is recommended. An ideal display unit is bright, has a non-glare lens, is of high intensity and offers immediate augmentation of visibility. Carolina Scales is a purveyor of such quality products that are compatible with a variety of digital weighing indicators.

Backlit Remote Display
Backlit Remote Display

Under the following circumstances, remote displays prove themselves invaluable:

  • Inclement weather at ports and terminals can cloud vision and confuse ‘callers’. Fog and mist are common annoyances and they plague data read out of package weights. A crisp, sharp display cuts through the haze and offers accurate readings.


  • Loadings and un-loadings at inconvenient times of the day may also require visibility aids to facilitate proper weighing. Early mornings and late nights are particularly susceptible to errors. Read outs that have displays in bright colors like red help improve visibility.


  • Weight measurements that take place in poorly lit quarters like warehouses that are typically dim also benefit from remote displays that are back-lit and thus do not require the presence of additional natural or artificial light for spot on readings.


  • Factories and settings that produce a lot of dust and smoke, like foundries or steel mills need sharp remote displays for accurate measurement recording.


Carolina Scales has been serving customers for well over 60 years and is a well-established supplier of weighing accuracy equipment like balances, check weighers, counting scales, crane scales and remote displays of unparalleled quality and precision.

If you would like to know more or request a custom quote, write to us at info@carolinascales.com.