Local Food Producers Feeling the Love This Valentine’s Day

cookies and ice cream
Image Credit: Otis Spunkmeyer

It’s that time of year, when seasonal items like chocolate and heartfelt cards are exchanged between couples, family members, classmates, and even colleagues. Rather than settle for the standard box of chocolate found on any shelf, why not try something new this year? We’ve rounded up some local South Carolina food producers that have everything you’ll need for a memorable Valentine’s Day.


Local Chocolate

Cacao’s Artisan Chocolate is one company that proves you can use chocolate for just about anything. In addition to pre-made chocolates available for purchase, Cacao’s provides custom work and takes part in events for aspiring chocolatiers. On February 13th, for example, they’ll be at the Mixson Market in North Charleston helping patrons put together hand-made gifts that include chocolate from Cacao’s and items from other vendors.

If you’re looking for chocolate that makes a more visual impact, Christophe Artisan Chocolatier-Pâtissier has everything you could ask for and then some. Aside from the unique flavor options, the chocolates themselves are truly a work of art. The Hand-Painted Collection must been seen to be fully appreciated. With chocolates that are painted vibrant shades of pink and red (and even blue and green), anyone opening a box will be immediately awe-struck.

Unconventional Treats

If your Valentine isn’t a fan of chocolate, Charleston Sweet Gourmet might be able to help. They have a wide variety of Retro Candy that includes Mary Janes, Bit-O-Honey, and Tea Candy. And for those looking to spice things up, they also offer some unorthodox options – including Jelly Belly Tabasco Jelly Beans.

Alternatively, the food at River Street Sweets may not seem that unconventional at first glance, but when’s the last time you received a Pail of Pralines or a Box of Bear Claws for Valentine’s Day? Any of the products offered here are sure to be well-received. And with retail locations throughout Georgia and South Carolina, there’s probably at least one nearby for you to visit.

Baked Goods

For a safe option that isn’t quite as traditional as a box of chocolates, you really can’t go wrong with cookies, muffins, and brownies. Otis Spunk

meyer offers a wide range of baked goods and ready-made dough – which is what really sets them apart. On their website, they feature a Recipes & Serving Suggestions page that includes tutorials on how to make inspired creations using their dough as a starting point. Our favorite pick for Valentine’s Day is the Heart of Hearts Cookie recipe.

Why Shop Local?

At Carolina Scales, your business is our business. Just as local chocolatiers work hard to help their customers find just the right product, it’s our goal to provide retailers with the tools they need to run a successful company. Using accurate food weighing systems, businesses can create uniform product batches. This ensures minimal waste, and that each customer is getting the amount of candy that they paid for.  In addition, local companies often provide a greater attention to detail when crafting their products (as you can see in the above examples), and create a more personalized shopping experience overall. So if you really want to impress your date (or kids, friends, or co-workers), head to a local store this Valentine’s Day instead of a big box chain.