Going Green and Solar Power

Solar Powered Truck Scale
Solar Powered Truck Scale

Going Green is a big concept for many people at home but most do not think about it on the business level. There are many business that are taking the bold step towards going green and we here at Carolina Scales would like to assist. One approach towards going green is by use of solar power. Solar power can actually be more convenient for customers who have scales in remote locations on their property. Weighing kiosks can be fully powered with solar energy by use of solar panels.
The solar powered unattended weighing kiosk has brought a great revolution in unmanned truck scale efficiency and streamlined data integration. The kiosk, which can be locked, is weather proof and is fitted with an optional rain hood/sun deflector. The kiosk can be mounted on a pole or a wall, and the articulating arm is used to pull the kiosk towards the driver while weighing and retracted away when not used.
The customers are provided with a variety of components to choose from when purchasing the Kiosk. This includes the proximity badge reader (AWID and HID), high-speed thermal cutbar tape printer, rain hood and touch screen LCD. The solar power kiosk enables the weighing operations to be controlled independently.
Another important feature of this kiosk is that it does not require the driver to get out of the truck while weighing. This reduces the risk of walking across lanes and platforms and also speeds up the weighing process. For the purpose of seamless integration, the kiosk connected to the WinVRS (Vehicle Recording System) through Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet. This also helps to generate reports of the transactions.