Manufacturing Day 2014

Since our company began in the 1950s, we’ve become known for installing and servicing mechanical truck scales throughout the Southeast and have grown from a small sales and services scales company to a quality supplier of industrial sales equipment, material batching and blending, data collection, and other services. We work closely with a variety of shipping, freight, energy, construction, and consumer product companies throughout the country. They constantly rely on our products and services for their day-to-day operations. This is one of the many reasons why we support manufacturing in America and manufacturing day on Friday, October 3, 2014.

Manufacturing day is meant to address common misperceptions about the manufacturing industry as a whole. It also encourages manufacturers to welcome in guests and show them their manufacturing facilities. According to the official Manufacturing Day Organization, manufacturers will be able to make the public aware of the lack of skilled labor, promote manufacturing to young students, and portray manufacturing in a positive light.

Regardless of your location throughout the country, there is sure to be a Manufacturing Day event close to you. Visit the Manufacturing Day website to find an event nearby where manufacturers are inviting guests into their companies and to learn more about the fascinating manufacturing industry. A variety of schools, organizations, and other institutions are also participating in manufacturing day by hosting events.

American manufacturers are currently manufacturing more than they ever used to, with output at record levels. Although manufacturing in America is at record levels, many people are concerned about jobs in related fields. For example, the type of work is changing, with the U.S. manufacturing things like jet engines, and advanced technology. The shift from simpler manufacturing of electronics to complex products has caused a change in the number of manufacturing jobs and the pay. Manufacturers are working tirelessly to address this and to portray American manufacturing in a favorable light.

We are proud to be a part of America’s growing and robust manufacturing sector. Our clients, distributors, and employees each contribute great things to American manufacturing.