Regulations for Racecar Scales and How to Buy Them

10320536_10152213656878801_232282328672273556_nFew things are as exciting as being at a track when high-tech cars are zooming by at 200 miles per hour. Because of this, automotive racing, which includes NASCAR, has shot up to the fourth most popular sport in the U.S., according to a recent Harris Poll.

While most are happy to watch the race, there is significant work happening behind the scenes—and even in the pit—that most spectators aren’t aware of. In the majority of automotive racing, there are strict weight limits, which looks to set the standard for both fairness and safety. These race circuits weigh cars before and after races, often disqualifying entries that fail to meet regulations.

At Carolina Scales, we offer a wide range of standard and custom portable vehicle scales, which are perfect for racing applications. Our portable scales are great for tough applications and most offer benefits such as:

  • Accurate measurement of almost any vehicle no matter the size
  • Good for above ground or pit installs
  • Decks made of steel and concrete
  • Expandability and easy-to-read digital displays
  • Above ground, pit, and portable models
  • Full customization for your exact needs

Carolina Scales stocks and sells an industry-leading selection of portable scales from a number of highly respected scale companies such as Rice Lake, Intercomp, B-Tek, and UniBridge.

No matter what kind of auto racing you follow or are involved in, Carolina Scales has a scale to match your needs. To learn more about our selection of portable vehicle scales please visit our website or contact one of our experts today.

And remember, the next time you are enjoying a race with your friends and family, know that the odds are pretty good that there are portable scales making it all the fun and excitement possible.

(Photo courtesy of NASCAR’s Facebook page.)