Why Rail Scales are Important to the Transportation Industry

Fotosearch_k12581943Few things are as important to the U.S. economy and infrastructure as the transportation industry. Without it, people, durable goods, and many other items wouldn’t be able to move from place to place, so supporting industries such as freight and rail are vital. At Carolina Scales, we do our part to service transportation by providing scales to trucks, railroads, and other vehicles.

This sector is all-encompassing of how we move, and it seems the breaking news on innovation and new products is endless. Out of the many divisions of transportation, we’ve seen a major boom in rail, which means our scales are in high demand.

Our complete lineup of railroad scales includes names such as: Rice Lake, B-Tek, Intercomp, and UniBridge. These scales each have a variety of capabilities, but it’s important to note that not only do we offer above ground and pit installs, but we carry a variety of scales to help invoice products and accurately weigh items before and after shipping in railcars.

Having these measurements and numbers on hand creates an opportunity for companies to save thousands of dollars in the bottom line, which is why our products are vital to the success of this industry. Interested in more on rail scales and why they’re right for your business? Check out our website.