Floor Scales In Modern Manufacturing

The United States is having a manufacturing renaissance and every detail matters when it comes to bringing Made-In-America back! This even goes for things like scales. For manufacturing companies to be successful in a modern era they need to have the best possible equipment. Scales need to be easy to set up quickly, versatile and dependable. Luckily, an industrial duty low profile floor scales offer just that.

floor_scales_newFloor scales are available in capacities up to 20,000-lbs, with 5,000-lbs being the most widly used! These measurements can be displayed in pounds or kilograms, which have the ability to connect to a printer for printed tickets. This is exactly the kind of flexibility manufacturers need to get the most out of these floor scales.

Different floor scales will all have different specifications that make them work for any manufacturers’ specific operation. As far as this specific scale goes, operators can look forward to four premium alloy steel nickel plated load cells that are waterlight for wet environments with a capacity twice that of the scale capacity, built in overload protection and nema 4x waterlight junction box.

Every piece of the equation matters and getting the right scale can have a tremendous effect on a manufacturing facility. With this floor scale, operators are assured an easy setup process, weatherproofing, and high accuracy weighing ability. With that kind of equipment available, it’s no wonder made-in-America is making a comeback.