Mining and Weighing, Weighing and Mining

Mining is certainly a global industry, with raw materials being mined all over the world and shipped all over the world. After all, we can’t control where these resources are found – we can only control what we do with them and how we use them. In the U.S. and the Carolinas, the coal and metal sectors dominate domestic mining. With 36,000 employees, $20 billion in revenues, and $3 billion in exports in 2009, the industry remains a backbone of employment and industry in our country. As markets for homes, automobiles, and other end products where mined materials are used continue to improve, the industry looks to expand in the future.

In an area like mining where materials are extracted, sold, and shipped by weight, scales play an important role. No job site would be complete without wheel loader scales for the most efficient weighing and product transportation possible, and any mining company that doesn’t invest in top-of-the-line weighing equipment is risking its time, investment, and bottom line.  Mining occupies an interesting and important position in the continued recovery of the American economy: it relies on the success of the aforementioned downstream industries like housing, but also provides a indication, both symbolically and tangibly, of the strength of industry in the United States. Carolina Scales is glad to contribute to this strength.

Scales in Chemical Plants

Chemical plant scalesThere may be no industry where extreme precision is more important than the chemical industry. When milligrams – or less – can make the difference between a successful product or a wasted effort (or “boom!”), equipment must be as finely calibrated and accurate as possible. Scales are understandably found at all steps of chemical production, from microbalances for formulations, to floor scales for deliveries and shipments. Regardless of whether the scale is inside a lab being used by a scientist, or on a loading dock measuring outgoing packages, accuracy and safety are paramount.

In operations where speed and accuracy are most important, our batch scales provide the greatest utility. These scales can be programmed with recipes and measurements, allowing workers to let the scale do most of the work. At the other end of the spectrum are huge tank scales for measuring bulk materials. These can be up to 200,000 pounds in capacity, necessary at the biggest pharmaceutical and chemical facilities served by Carolina Scales. As with any facility where shipments occur, forklift scales are also a common sight, ensuring that every piece of the puzzle is accounted for at every step of the way. Questions on making sure that your facility’s system is up-to-date and the best quality available? Contact us today.