Recycling Weigh-In

Recycling ScalesDid you know that in 2010, the last year with complete statistics, more than 130 million tons of refuse was recycled in the United States? This includes 74 million tons of iron and steel, 46 million tons of paper, and 654,000 tons of plastic bottles, among many other products. This recycling (as well as the recording of these statistics) could not have taken place with scales. An immense number of scales, especially floor scales, provides the bedrock of the recycling industry. For everything from scrap drop-off, to safe equipment operation, to reclaimed product shipment, scales, weighing, and measurement are necessary.

As the industry continues to grow, improve, and innovate, Carolina Scales will continue to provide this most basic need. Advances like RFID and GPS are providing greater tracking and efficiency in pickups and drop-offs, with contactless reporting leading to unparalleled time and money savings. Furthermore, although by now recycling bins on street corners have become as ubiquitous as garbage cans, the beverage industry is continuing an initiative for more public space recycling receptacles, hoping to increase the percentage of plastic bottles that are recovered. Despite a 100% increase in recycling in the US over the past decade, plastic bottles in landfills still represent a disposal problem with no easy solution other than recycling. Be sure to do your part!