Keeping Biomass Facilities Efficient and Safe

Biomass ready for transport
Biomass ready for transport.

Rarely will you find a scale installation or application that can be set up right out of the box, so to speak. Carolina is in the business of scales, so we’re in the business of custom constructions and configurations, and a recent job for a leading biomass company located in Georgia allowed us to show the range of our capabilities. Biomass is simply organic material that can be converted into energy or another form of biofuel. It can consist of anything from tree stumps to mulch to yard clippings, and more. Once a niche energy source, the growth of biomass and biofuel has led to the construction of several new facilities in the South.

This project required two inbound and two outbound truck scales, as well as a fully unattended kiosk for check-ins and check-outs. The unattended kiosk has quickly become nearly a standard feature for loading and unloading zones, allowing for better vehicle flow, higher accuracy, and easier reporting. As full-service experts in scales and weighing systems, Carolina Scales was able to develop and install this fully integrated system in conjunction with the truck scales themselves. We also included a dedicated scaling software for use with the facility owner’s maintenance system.

From concept through to installation, this project took us about 6 weeks, enabling the biomass plant to increase their capacity in the service of cleaner energy. For more information on our line of scales, visit our site today:

Weighing Devices Go Green: Solar Powered Scales

If you haven’t heard, Carolina Scales proudly introduced our solar powered scales for the marketplace.  These new scales are powered by the sun and help reduce costs and the amount of power needed to operate scales in remote locations.

With the introduction of these solar powered scales, we wanted to give additional options for our customers of remote portable Truck Scales.  The power generated by the solar panels is used to run printers, weight displays and scales of all types, giving the end user the ultimate in flexibility.

As well, Carolina Scales can custom design and build a solar powered scale system to fit any need that or customers may have.  Imagine the possibilities, everything from a remote scale in the mountains of West Virginia near a coal mining operation or a scrap metal operator in Tucson that wants to use the power of the Arizona sun to reduce his expenses.

Carolina Scales’ solar powered systems start about $1,000.00 and increase in price based on your particular power and application needs. Please contact us with any of your requests.